Brand strategy will help improve product quality and corporate image,help the product compete in the market to enhance the company's products in the customer's impression. DONSEN company currently has four brands, namely DONSEN, GOLD MEDAL SPT and POVOTE .Kindly see the definition of each brand as follows:

DONSEN:The developing direction of Donsen is to be the leader of building material industry, as well as the famous company in the world. In order to prove our company and products come from the Orient-China, hereby named”Don”;also including meaning of triumph and full of vigour, hereby named “Sen”,together  with  the two words “Donsen”.

Gold Medal: Gold Medal usually is the medal gives to the No.1 who win a competition. Gold is one kind of metal, meaning rare and valuable, indicating our product is the best one.

SPT is a abbreviation for spirit. The enterprise spirit of Donsen is: Innovating, efficiency, cooperating, sharing.

POVOTE is the abbreviation of  rhinoceros, symbolized courage, also it is the marrow of our company: opening up, innovating, and the world without end.